Advancing Crude Oil Mobility

Introducing PhaseShift Technology Platform

Hydrocarbon Dynamics delivers chemical innovation for advancing crude oil mobility through its PhaseShift™ technology platform for driving value in production, transmission, and storage of crude oil. The PhaseShift platform is a suite of carbon-based, environmentally safe products, using the concept of interrupting Van der Waals attractive forces between larger hydrocarbon molecules. The result is a reliquefication of the full spectrum of hydrocarbon solids: paraffin — asphaltenes, emulsions, and resins — wherever a problem may occur, in a safe and effective manner.

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Lower Risk, Reduce Operating Costs, and Increase Operational Efficiency for Greater Returns

Hydrocarbon Dynamics developed its PhaseShift technology platform to drive a step-change in value in production, transmission, and storage of crude oil by utilizing and reducing the basic scientific principles of molecular attraction. The chemistry is based on a small, specially engineered, carbon-based molecule that shares its outer-shell electrons with large hydrocarbon molecules. The result is a reduction of Van der Waal’s attractive forces within these large hydrocarbons that causes a shift in hydrocarbon aggregations from a solid to a liquid phase. This affects oil flow behavior, whether operations are considered conventional or unconventional, including heavy oil SAGD and mining.

This ability to shift and maintain hydrocarbon solids into liquids has provided wide-reaching customer value with respect to various onshore and offshore hydrocarbon production, transmission and storage challenges within upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

PhaseShift Technology Platform Customer Value

  • Reduced Risk

    Through improved safety, reduction of environmental threat, minimizes production loss

  • Lower Cost

    Reduction of production downtime, heat energy applied to pipelines, potential chemical costs

  • Increased Efficiency

    Enhances production by resolving formation damage, keeping systems clean, upgrading crude oil quality and production rates

Advancing Crude Oil Mobility

The oil and gas industry has been challenged for decades with operational inefficiencies, increasing costs and high risk associated with naturally occurring crude oil solids. These have created significant operational, environmental, and financial challenges with respect to production, transmission, and storage of crude oil.

Changes in ambient temperature and pressure, especially in deepwater and extreme climate conditions, can alter properties of crude oil components, causing them to increase fluid viscosity, create emulsions, or form damaging deposits. Increased crude oil viscosity can make production and transmission inefficient and costly. Emulsions are typically difficult and expensive to break, can increase viscosity, and may generate waste. Detrimental deposits can
block reservoirs, wellbores, production tubing, transfer lines, processing equipment, and storage tanks.

Hydrocarbon Dynamics has developed a chemical treatment innovation that provides a step-change in how these problems are managed.

This technology can improve operator safety, lower environmental and economic risks, reduce operating costs, and increase operational efficiency. All this translates to increased revenue and profits.