Hydrocarbon Dynamics is well-positioned to take advantage of the realities of today's high global energy demand, resulting ultimately in higher oil and gas prices.

Advancing Crude Oil Mobility

With more than 30 years experience, Hydrocarbon Dynamics are uniquely positioned to provide tailored solutions to operators who require innovative and green tech chemicals to reduce down-time, increase production and increase revenue.

HCD is a “solutions driven” company striving to improve our clients’ field efficiency and ultimately our clients’ profit. We measure our results through improved performance outcomes in alignment with our clients needs.

We work closely with our clients to ensure a tailored fit between our products and processes and their unique oil field challenge. Together, we attain increased efficiency levels through the best application of our solutions and any unique chemical concern the customer may have.

HCD products and services are provided through direct sales and approved local providers. All providers are supported by HCD’s technical services field and laboratory teams.

Hydrocarbon Dynamics operate out of the Malaysian, United States and Sydney offices.

A Step-Change Approach
to Enhance Pipeline Crude Oil Mobility

Precipitation of crude oil wax, asphaltene, and resin molecules can have serious safety, environmental, and financial consequences for both onshore and offshore oilfield production operations. With respect to flowlines and pipelines, under conditions where atmospheric temperature is less than the crude oil pour point, gelation of oil can occur, causing severe challenges, especially in cold ambient temperatures. This decreases the cross-sectional area for flow, which in turn, reduces flow rates and increases the pressure drop in the line.

Other problems can occur as asphaltenes can create emulsions in the formation. This can cause problems beyond separation operations through to sludge problems in storage tanks. Additionally, asphaltenes are typically the biggest factor causing high viscosity in heavy oils.

Paraffin content in some crude oils has been shown to be as high as 50% and deposition to occur anywhere in production systems, pipelines, and storage tanks.

HCD PhaseShift Technologies

Hydrocarbon Dynamics developed its PhaseShift technology platform to drive a step-change in value in production, transmission, and storage of crude oil by utilizing and reducing the basic scientific principles of molecular attraction. The chemistry is based on a small, specially engineered, carbon-based molecule that shares its outer-shell electrons with large hydrocarbon molecules. The result is a reduction of Van der Waal’s attractive forces within these large hydrocarbons that causes a shift in hydrocarbon aggregations from a solid to a liquid phase. This affects oil flow behavior, whether operations are considered conventional or unconventional, including heavy oil SAGD and mining.

This ability to shift and maintain hydrocarbon solids into liquids has provided wide-reaching customer value with respect to various onshore and offshore hydrocarbon production, transmission and storage challenges within upstream, midstream and downstream operations.